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Sturgeon Species of the World

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The order Acipenseriformes has 27 species with very varied characteristics, developed by each species. The geographical distribution of sturgeon species is large, they live and reproduce in 85 major areas, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, which are dispersed only in the temperate and cold region of the northern hemisphere(Bemis & Kynard, 1997).

The 27 species of sturgeons and paddlefish, which are still found on Earth today (*26 species from 2020), belong to families Acipenseridae and Polyodontidae.

Analysis of the Order Acipenseriformes (without Genus Pseudoscaphirhynchus-3 species) T. Ionescu

The family Acipenseridae has 25 sturgeon species grouped into four genera: Huso (2 species), Acipenser (17 species), Pseudoscaphirhynchus (3 species) and Scaphirhynchus(3 species).

The family Polyodontidae has 2 paddlefish species grouped into two genera: Psephurus (one species) Polyodon (one species).

The relationship between the species of the Order Acipenseriforme, the scientific name and the common name in English, the geographical distribution and the way of life of each species (A-anadromy, Af-amphidromy and R-potamodromy NEP – North Eastern Pacific ;; GL – Great Lakes, Hudson Bay & St. Lawrence River; NWA – North Western Altantic; NEA – Northeastern Atlanlic, including White, Baltic & North seas: PC – Ponto-Caspian Region, including Mediterranean, Aegean, Black, Caspian & Aral seas; ASJ – Amur R., Sea of Okhotsk & Sea of Japan; CH – China) (T Ionescu, 2020 adaptation after Bemis & Kynard, 1997, ANTIPA, 1909, Manea, 1980, http://www.fishbase.org )

*Unfortunately, in early 2020, Chinese paddlefish (Psephurus gladius) was declared extinct by Chinese officials.

All the 27 species of sturgeons and paddlefish are represented in the artwork “Sturgeon Species”. This is made by the international artist Florian Doru Chrihană in collaboration with Tudor Ionescu, according to the CITES Identification Guide – Sturgeons and Paddlefish and is part of the collection“Centuries of Danube Sturgeon” .

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